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It’s no surprise that we know what we’re doing when it comes to concert promotion, venue management, artist bookings, and ticketing services. Promoting over 400 shows a year has allowed us to make many contacts and fine-tune the entire process. Besides that, we have a business model much different than most in the industry.

Promoting a concert isn’t brain surgery, but it sure helps to work with a group that does it successfully and has the contacts to help you with your events. Tupelo Venue Management offers Consulting, Booking, and Management services for many different situations.

Since our beginnings in 2004, our venue has developed into a financially successful and critically acclaimed performance space that is the envy of the industry. We will work with you to bring similar success to your venue or event.

Booking Services

Trying to get a nationally known artist to play your event can be tricky. It takes many years of relationship building with agents, managers, and artists in order to get competitive pricing. You need credibility to be able to book artists that people are going to recognize. Chances are, you will save money and headaches by taking advantage of our contacts and having us book the entertainment for your theatre, club, outdoor festival, or other event. We negotiate hundreds of artist contracts and riders each year.

Event Management

Organizing and managing single events can be frustrating and time consuming. We can take care of all the details for you.

• Artist Selection
• Artist Technical and Hospitality Rider
• Load-in and set up
• Sound Engineering
• Advertising and Marketing
• Staging and Lighting

Audio and Lighting Systems

We work with the best Audio technicians in the industry capable of desiging, implementing, and managing a top-notch audio and lighting system for any size venue.

Club and Theatre Management

What makes one venue successful while another struggles? Whether you currently operate/ manage a venue or if you are considering opening one, we can help you pull all of the many pieces together for a successful venture. From architectural concept to opening night, we will work with you to insure both the performers and patrons have a positive experience and a desire to return.

There are many important aspects of venue management that people overlook, usually in the area of systems integration. Our business model, the cornerstone of our success, centers on the many systems – booking, box office, promotion, etc.- working seamlessly as a unit. With our management model, your venue will attract better artists and more patrons for a much more worthwhile experience for everybody involved.

Interested in knowing how we may be able to help you?

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