A Tour of Tupelo Music Hall



The birthplace of Elvis.
The subject of a Van Morrison song.
A specialty honey...
sweet, uncommonly good.
Pronounced "TOO-peh-low,"
we think the name Tupelo
fits us to a "T".


Tupelo Music Hall presents talented nationally-recognized musicians who perform in a friendly, relaxed and attractive setting. The hall is an intimate venue with flexible seating arrangements and a whole lot of charm.

An assortment of snacks and food items are available for purchase as soon as the venue is open. Our caterer, The Purple Puffin, makes hand crafted sandwiches and soups from scratch. For a full seasonal menu, check out their website here. Patrons are not allowed to bring in non-alcoholic drinks and food into the venue.

BYOB Tupelo Music Hall allows guests (over age 21) to bring their own beer and wine only. Wine glasses and bottle openers are available for your use at no charge. Please avoid bringing in large coolers--space is limited. The Drinkery wine & beer shop in the basement of Tupelo Music Hall is open during Tupelo performances. You are welcome to stop by The Drinkery to purchase your wine and beer before the show.

Tupelo Music Hall is a non-smoking facility. Smokers are welcome to smoke outside in designated areas. Because we're not a bar and we're non-smoking, we think Tupelo is a great place for all ages including children. Children who are older tend to enjoy the majority of our shows more than the little ones (believe us, as parents of two little ones ourselves, we know!).

Casual attire is appropriate. Wear what makes you comfortable, as long as it's not your birthday suit. (Shoes and shirts required, too.)